Don’t Let Your Patients Buy Their Contact Lenses
 from Just Anyone…




Open Your Practice 24/7/365
If you are a Primary ECP member, your patients can order their replacement contact lenses from anywhere in the United States, day or night, 24/7/365 by visiting your website or calling a toll-free phone number we answer. We handle everything, from taking their orders to shipping them out, once verified by you. We do all the work. You get all the credit. We never mention any company name other than Primary ECP and all paper work your patient receives has only your practice information on it. We will never use any of your patients’ information or contact them without your knowledge. If we do, we represent only your practice.

Compete with 1800 Contacts
By being a Primary ECP member, your demonstrate to your patients that you understand how important their time is and you want to make ordering their replacement contact lenses as safe and convenient as possible.

Building a Website is Easy
You can call us and we’ll build one for you or you can use our quick-build program with pre-designed templates you can customize. Either way, in a matter of minutes you will be up and running. If you already have a website, we can link it to our ordering engine. Once you set up your website, your patients will automatically be able to use the Primary ECP toll-free phone number to order their replacement contact lenses.

All The Marketing Support You need
As a Primary ECP member you have access to all the marketing materials you need to promote your website to your patients. There are pamphlets you can personalize. We also have a Primary ECP branded landing page that sends all inquiries to you.



Next Day Delivery
Your patients will receive all in stock contact lenses the next day. Just as important, they will have peace of mind knowing that besides getting a competitive price, they will be receiving the right prescription. But if they have questions, or something doesn’t feel quite right, they will be able to call you, the person who knows their eyes…someone they trust.

Additional Savings You Can Offer
When your patients order their contact lenses through Primary ECP, in addition to getting the price you set they will automatically be able to take advantage of any rebates and promotions that may be available.

• Special 1x Promotions
• Rebates from a manufacturer
• Rebates for first-time contact lens wearers
• Rebates for individuals who buy lenses and get an eye exam

We Do All The Work – You Get All The Credit
They can order their lenses online or by phone in a matter of seconds. If you have pre-loaded their information into your website, they won’t even have to know their prescription. For your patients it is as easy as:

1. Visiting your website

2. Selecting “Order Link”

3. Logging in using their username and password

4. Entering their prescription information (for new patients)

5. Selecting when they want their contact lenses delivered

6. Placing their order

7. Your profit is automatically credited to your account

If their prescription is outdated or they need a checkup, they will automatically be notified.

Want to become a Primary ECP member? Contact your ABB OPTICAL GROUP Account Executive to get started!


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Don't let your patients buy their contact lenses from just anyone.